Just why? You mean like why the Secret Series? Why the Bad Books?




Why not? (You knew that’s how I’d answer, didn’t you?)


Ok, then here’s a real question. Why do the Midnight Sun members wear gloves? Is it simply a sign of membership, like a badge or a Scout patch?


No, they wear gloves because otherwise their hands will reveal their true age For some as yet unknown reason their powerful rejuvenating elixirs (which keep them alive for hundreds of years) do not work on their hands. Incidentally, this is why very young Midnight Sun members have no need to wear gloves.


Is everything you write true? Did it really happen?


Yes. Well, no! I mean, I’m sorry, I can’t answer that. Just remember—all the names have been changed. For more information, I’m going to have to insist you speak to my lawyer.


Could you ever friends with somebody who didn’t like chocolate?


No. Well, maybe, if they gave me chocolate anyway. A lot of chocolate.


Do you ever read your books after you write them?


Are you kidding? Don’t you think they’d be a little different if I did?


What is the Secret?


I believe you’ve asked me that before.


Why won’t you tell us the Secret?


Have you bothered to look up the word in the dictionary?


I thought you said you couldn’t keep a Secret.


A, that’s not a question. B, I wouldn’t tell you  if I did.


I hate you.


The feeling is mutual, I assure you.


I don’t really hate you. I just want to know the Secret.


Then you’ll just have to read book five of The Secret Series, won’t you?


Can’t you give me a hint?




That’s the hint? Platypus?


No, I just thought it sounded funny.


I take back. I do hate you.


I know.




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